Low DCR Single Ended Tube HiFi amplifiers

Single Ended Tube HiFi Amplifiers

DIY Tube HiFi projects featuring  SE DHT 

and Tetrode/Pentode finals. 

 ZERO feedback designs and feedback amplifiers.

Directly coupled and cap coupled stages.

Low DCR Power Supply Filters

Low DCR power supplies inspired by 

Dennis Fraker of Serious Stereo, 

 Jeff Medwin aka Drlowmu 

and other great Single Ended Tube HiFi builders in our hobby.


Single Ended Finals

One device in the output stage.      

2A3, KT88/6550, 6CB5, 6V6/6AQ5 , 6BQ5/EL84 or 6SN7 finals.

Low DCR Power Supply Filters

LSES (low storage energy supply) or similar LOW DCR power supply filters.

Directly Coupled Stages

No coupling capacitors or interstage transformers.

Disclaimer and Warning Section for DEATHTUBE 667 Website

Disclaimer : DEATHTUBE 667 is NOT a paid agent or representative 

for any audio products manufacturer, entity or person either living or dead.

The projects here are mine and represent DEATHTUBE 667 only.

Anyone trying to build something from a schematic posted on this website is doing so at their own RISK. The projects depicted here contain HIGH DC voltages  and currents that can potentially KILL those who are not well versed in SAFE electronic practices.

Welcome to DEATHTUBE 667 and enjoy your visit.