SE 7B4 DC 2A3 Experiement

SE 7B4 DC 2A3 Breadboard Circuit

This was an attempt to try a SE 7B4 DC 2A3 circuit for the first time  way back in November 2013. 

It was a good learning experience on what not to do with this type of SE DC circuit . 

I used a dodgy pineboard layout instead of building in a proper chassis, DC filaments , cheap Chinese biplate 2A3's and budget grade Hammond 125ESE OPT's.  I didn't even have a proper input choke so I paralleled (2) 2H/21 ohm Edcore chokes - yikes!

Drlowmu was trying to mentor me at the time and gave up in frustration at the sight of this pineboard circuit.  Looking back at the entire incident, I can't say I blame him.

Later , I tried several different drivers for the SE DC 2A3 finals and posted about the experiments on AA Tube DIY forum.   I am not sure  it is worth rehashing everything here again. 

If I revisit SE 2A3 amplifier circuits, I do have some better OPT's - One Electron UBT-3's  SE 3K/8 units.

Time will tell.

DT 667