PSE 6SN7 DC 6SN7 Amplifier

Sakuma San's Influence

I had been wanting to try the "like driving like" tube approach used by Sakuma San.

I designed a PSE 6SN7 DC 6SN7 circuit and constructed it on a small format breadboard. 

The power output was low, only 250mW at the onset of clipping with a B+ of 300VDC.

At low to moderate listening levels, the sound was good but lacked guts when pushed by demanding music tracks on my Altec horn system.

I later changed the rectifier to a FWBR and set the B+ to 400VDC  with a variac,  which got the output power closer to 3/4W.  

 I considered adding more parallel 6SN7 's to increase the output power more but abandoned the idea in favor of using single output tubes with higher plate dissipation ratings.

DT 667