MulLard 3-3 Experiment

6V6 with 6SJ7

June 2009

I experimented with the Mullard 3-3 SE EL84 amplifier circuit out of the Mullard Tube Circuits For Audio Amplifiers project book.

My breadboard circuit utilized 6V6 finals, 6SJ7 pentode driver stage and a tube rectifier - probably and EZ80 or something similar. This was one of my first experiments using a LOW DCR Hammond ICT  recommended by Jeff Medwin aka Drlowmu.   

No typical tube amp performance benchmarks were taken as I didn't have spectrum/distortion analyzer equipment at the time of construction.

Subjectively, I only had some relatively inefficient bookshelf speakers to evaluation this circuit but I remember that it sounded OK.

I might revisit this Mullard 3-3 circuit since the book has a some measurement data to help builders validate performance metrics.

DT 667