SE Amplifier Shootout Serious Stereo Livingston, MT

Montana Listening Panel 2019

At the end of July 2019,  a small but elite group of LOW DCR SE Tube Amplifier builders were gathered at Dennis Fraker's Serious Stereo Corporation in Livingston, MT for the purpose of reviewing a SE DC KT 88 tube stereo amplifier that was designed and build by Jeff Medwin aka DrLowMu. 

From left rear to front, the attendees were : Dennis Fraker aka Tube Wrangler, Jeff Medwin aka DrLowMu, Tom Thomas aka CoronaDope, Willie Rivers aka DrummerWill and Ash from Seattle.

Most of these men I know from Audio Asylum forums or from exchange of emails.

At the end of the Montana amplifier shootout,  the Serious Stereo 2A3 mono amplifiers were still king of the hill.

Jeff Medwin's SE DC KT88 stereo amplifier showed promise and will continue to be developed further as time allows.

DT  667   August 2019