MGTOW Philosophy And Hifi

She Really Hates Your Speakers

A lot of HiFi hobby guys run into this problem.  You are dating a nice girl and things get more serious.  The two of you decide that she will move in to your place. That is when the problems start.

The Altec VOTT's that have a prominent place in the living room - she doesn't like them and they have to go.  If you are lucky, you can relocate the beloved VOTT's in the "man cave area" or garage.

If you are not so lucky, the VOTT's go up for sale on eBay or Craigslist.  She will be happy and you are miserable. 

And those industrial looking DIY SE tube amps you built with special LSES power supply filters  and JJ2A3-40 output tubes ?  Your girlfriend hates them too.  No surprise. 

The only thing you are left with to listen to is the little Bose Wave Radio your girlfriend brought with her when she moved in. 

In your mind, you know this is not right but you don't want to be denied sexual favors from your GF, so you go along with it like a little Beta Male SIMP.  Pathetic, IMO.

Your girlfriend has moved into a home you paid for and is calling the shots because you failed her audio shit test.  

She now has ZERO respect for you and is planning to find other ways to take away your manhood.  She is eyeballing your golf clubs next.  And it won't stop there.

Unless you flip the script, you will be one sad little cuck for the duration of the relationship. 

My friend, it is time you learn about MGTOW - Men Going Their Own Way.

You are the man. Time to start acting like one and assert your rights as an audiophile.

The VOTT's and SE LSES tube amps are staying put and dominating the living room. 

The PITA GF and her worthless Bose Radio can hit the bricks if she don't like it.

It's RED PILL time.

DT 667


Audio Forum rant

Our Hobby is Filled with Spineless Cucks

This Deathtube 667 rant is about a recent series of posts on the Audio Asylum Tube DIY forum recently. 

A poor guy is beleaguered by women who can seem to do anything for themselves except feel entitled because they have a vagina. 

Reality check.  Women can't stand seeing a man who is happy and content doing something that does not involve them.

If you got a WF or GF and she is seeing you happily playing with your Altec horn speakers and DIY tube amp projects, she is going to want to put a stop to it.  

That is just how women are by their nature. They want to control every aspect of your life. You will find yourself sitting on the couch watching some stupid fake reality shows with her every night after work. Pathetic, IMO.

I don't know about you who might be reading this material, but I don't get played by vaginas on any level.

I come home from work tired and pissed off 5 days a week.

The only thing I want to hear are my Altec horns and low DCR SE tube amps playing some good tunes, not some woman flapping her gums.

Red pills, beers and bong hits my friends. 

Stop being a spineless SIMP CUCK Mangina and learn to say no to the silly needs of women.  Hands off the Altec horns and SE tube amps.

Being a REAL HiFi MAN means that the women in your life are never happy but at least you are, my friends.

DT 667   June 2019