Drakonian Arkanum

The Next Phase of Human Evolution

Our mission is to empower the human race by harnessing the power of alchemical magick, sorcery, cognitive self transformation and martial philosophies.

Drakonian Arkanum is the world’s pioneer in human evolution and the evolution of spirituality as a whole. That is our mission and we will not fail!

Through the teachings presented through this platform, mankind can finally transcend the dross of religious duality which keeps us from the totality of our power. You can finally break the shackles of your limitations and grow on all levels of being to live the life you deserve to live!

You are going to learn initiatory secrets hidden within religious lore which you can apply on your own to rise above the obstacles that stand in the way of the fulfillment of your full potential and power.

You will learn to harness the powers of light and darkness as the Dragon harnesses both wings to ascend. Most importantly, you will learn to do this in a way which will work toward the greater good of all, building a better future to benefit those who will come after us.