Deathtube 667 Biography

My History With SE Tube HiFi

My involvement in SE Tube HiFi began with Bottlehead kits .   A common beginning for sure.

This was late 80's - early 90's time period.   I built several versions of the $99 Foreplay preamp and a set of $399 Paramour 2A3 mono amplifiers .  Those amps powered a set of Fostex 208 Sigma in a BassZilla system. Eventually, I sold the Paramour amps on eBay in favor of  DIY projects.

In the fall of 2008, I started reading posts on the Audio Asylum  Tube DIY forum about LOW DCR SE tube amplifiers.

Jeff Medwin aka Drlowmu encouraged me to build some LOW DCR power supply filters for a SE 6AQ5 amplifier project as a start.  He was an early mentor and advised on design and what sort of parts to gather for the build. 

The amplifier featured a 5U4G rectifier, 6SL7 driver cap coupled to triode connected finals. and ZERO feedback.

So I bought some Hammond ICT's, Triad chokes and got started experimenting , building the circuits on various breadboards with octal relay sockets and multiple clip leads.

That was almost 12 years ago and I am still going.  

Why? Maybe I have serious mental issues. 

Maybe I like the  conflict that is sure to happen on audio forums.

Sometimes hate this hobby and want to quit and sell off all my audio gear.

At other times, I see or read about things that inspire me to continue learning and doing.

DT 667